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sticker labels

wristbands and wrist bands

value pack stickers and labels

address labels and stickers to  prevent lost property

sticker labels

allergy labels, wristbands and stickers

iron sew on labels and stickers

name tag county colours stickers, wristbands and labels

 pencil labels and stickers

 kids, childrens dot stickers


MyStuff™ Labels manufacture a full range of personalised labels for children and adults, nametags, iron on labels, stickers and other label products from their base in Kilkenny, Ireland. MyStuff™ labels are available in iron-on and stick-on and make a lovely personalised gift that is light and easy to post. With many children allergic to eggs, nuts and more we also offer stick on allergy labels and iron on Allergy Labels with our allergy Icons.  MyStuff™ also manufacture Waterproof Wristbands which come in variety of bright colours for commercial, security and personal use, and produce customised labels for industry and business. We literally supply butchers, bakers and candlestick makers with all kinds of customised labels.  Pharmacies, sporting organisations, financial institutions, agricultural businesses and trades people have come back to MyStuff time and time again because we give them exactly what they want.  Please contact us by phone 056 7793231 or email to discuss your requirements.

MyStuff™ Iron-on clothing labels are perfect for labeling school uniforms, PE gear and all clothing as they are durable and resilient and stay on wash after wash. MyStuff™ nametags are great for labelling clothes for the elderly when in nursing homes or when in hospitals for short stays or respite.

Our Stick-on Labels and stickers are perfect for labeling books, markers, twistables, lunch boxes & drink bottles (as they are dishwasher proof), shoes & runners, mobile phones & all your kids stuff. Our stick on labels are also perfect for labelling reading glasses and cases, walking sticks, books and toiletries for the elderly or sick in hospital and nursing homes.  MyStuff also produce stickers for childen who are dyslexic.  With 5 stickers per colour in this pack,  the font is standard font recommended by the Dyslexia Association of Ireland.  Colour recognition can help a lot of dyslexia children - they usually assign a subject to a colour and this helps children in locating their books quickly as they associate the colour with the book.

Widely used by mums and dads everywhere our baby stickers and baby iron on nametag labels are a must when your baby is in childcare or crèche. It not only makes your life easier but greatly assists the staff in the crèche in ensuring each baby/child gets the correct bottle or soother.  MyStuff™ stick on Pencil Labels are brightly coloured and great for labeling children's twistables and markers. Can't decide on one colour for your childs pencil labels - well our multi-colour pen stickers are just the job.  MyStuff™ Address Labels are popular for use on the back of envelopes and are a very popular gift for all the family.

MyStuff™ personalised stickers and MyStuff™ personalised iron on labels are processed and dispatched in the mail in 3-5 business days - except during peak summer season when orders may longer . We accept payment via laser, mastercard, visa through Realex and through your Paypal account.  We take orders by telephone, post or online on this website.  MyStuff™ is proud to be Irish owned with all our Iron on Labels and Stick on Labels produced to order in Kilkenny, Ireland. We warmly welcome your comments and ideas about our products and stickers, so please email us at MyStuff.

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