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About us

I lived in Melbourne, Australia for 10 years and my children were born there. They attended crèche, kindergarten and school in Melbourne and that’s where we came into the world of personalised name tag labels. All personal items such as baby bottles, soothers, drinking bottles, lunch boxes, cutlery, shoes, coats, and books were labelled. So, I labelled EVERYTHING. And guess what: it worked. My children never lost a shoe at sports events or an expensive school jumper or coat in the playground. Labelling became essential in our home.

Upon returning to Ireland to live I couldn’t help but notice that all crèches, playschools, kindergartens and schools had a Lost Property box which contained plenty of unclaimed unlabelled items. Parents at school gates and outside dance classes & sports activities would complain about their child either losing his or her football jersey, ballet slippers, coats or bringing home the wrong one. This gave me the idea of introducing customised stick on labels and iron on labels families in Ireland. 

Hence the idea for MyStuff™, was born. Our mission is to provide families with microwave and dishwasher resistant stick on labels that are user friendly, durable and long lasting, and iron on nametag labels that are washing machine and tumble dryer proof. They also have to be visually appealing to children – fun and groovy with a selection of funky fonts and colours to select from. Furthermore they must represent value for money and make you so pleased that you will tell everyone you know to ‘label their stuff with MyStuff’.

At MyStuff™ we pride ourselves on our product quality and customer satisfaction.   We appreciate each and every customer and are always delighted when customers come back to us year in year out.  MyStuff™ is proud to be Irish owned with all our products produced to order from our base here in Kilkenny. 

Contact us for further information by Phone:  056 7793231 or Email:  Sales@MyStuff.ie

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