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MyStuff ™ Childrens Labels FAQs

What materials are MyStuff™ stick-on labels produced on?
They are produced on high quality vinyl in a selection of colours. They will not fade in the sun. MyStuff™ labels are dishwasher, microwave and UV proof also.

To insert Fada's in your childs name?
Press Ctrl Alt and a /e / i / o / u


What will the stick-on labels stick to?
They’ll stick to just about any dry, clean and smooth dirt free surface. We advise not to put through a dishwasher/steriliser or handwash for at least 2 days so the glue adheres very well to the plastic or glass. MyStuff™ stick on labels are ideal for labelling anything that leaves your home such as bottles, beakers, lunch boxes, mobile phones, books, pencils, CD’s, toys, helmets, bikes, shoes, runners, game consoles, hurleys, etc... the list is endless.

How do I store my Stickers?
The stickers should NEVER be positioned face to face (ie - colour print facing colour print). They should be stored away from heat and light - perhaps in a file or drawer in the bag provided with them and always positioned back to back (as they were when delivered) and never face to face.


Are the labels pre-cut?
Yes. All labels we produce at MyStuff™ (both our stick-on labels and iron-on labels) are individually cut so that it’s easy for you to just peel off and stick /or iron onto whatever you want.

What materials are the fabric iron on labels produced on?
They’re produced on a super material that becomes part of the fabric that it's ironed on to. Its soft and smooth so it won't irritate sensitive skin.

Teflon Storm Wear and iron on labels
Marks and Spencer stores have Storm Wear™ on their school uniform wear, which is essentially Teflon. This finish prevents iron on labels from sticking.
We DO NOT recommend the use of MyStuff™ iron on labels on Marks and Spender school uniforms, alternatively we recommend
(a)  MyStuff™ Sew On labels or  (b)  
MyStuff Sticky Tag labels.  

Will the iron on labels be safe to use in my washing-machine and tumble dryer?
MyStuff™ iron-on labels are so durable that they'll probably outlast the clothing item itself. They can be put through washing-machines and tumble dryers without peeling off (once they were applied as per the instructions).

What payment methods are available at MyStuff?
We accept laser, credit cards such as mastercard and visa. We also accept cheque cheques and money/postal order by post. Cheques and money/postal orders should be made payable to MyStuff. We do not take payment by AMEX.

I have run out of space on my brochure.
If this happens simply photocopy the brochure and attach to the original order form or attach a separate piece of paper with your order requirements to the order form.

What are the best size stick on labels to order?
If you are new to labelling we recommend the compact stick-on labels or standard size stick-on labels or /why not try out the Mega Value Pack and get a selection.

Can my stickers and iron on labels be delivered to an address other than the one I provided as a gift?
Yes, you will be requested to fill out a billing address and a delivery address when you advance through to the checkout.

Why should I order my labels from MyStuff™?
Our labels are visually appealing and represent value for money. MyStuff™ stick-on labels are dishwasher, microwave and UV resistant, they are durable & long lasting and our iron-on labels are washing machine & tumble dryer proof. We offer a super selection of label sizes, a choice of groovy colours, fonts and funky pictures. We are an Irish owned family business with children of our own & all our labels have been tried and tested thousands of times over and they work. MyStuff labels have a proven record and families with children and relatives in nursing homes come back to us year after year to re-order. All our labels are Irish made and produced to order in Kilkenny Ireland.

How should I apply my iron on labels?
They should be applied using a hot dry iron - NO STEAM ie. set iron to "DRY" mode, temperature 150-170 degrees. (Always apply directly onto the fabric and not onto the garment label and use a thin pressing cloth - such as a cotton handkerchief or piece of parchment paper.) Then holding the iron flat, press the name tape in place for 10-15 seconds. DO NOT move the iron around. Allow the garment to cool down and then repeat this step again twice. When the labels is applied you should not be able to feel an edge - it should be seamless with the garment).


How long will it take to get my order once it is placed?
Orders are processed and despatched in 3-5 business days.

How secure is the online payment system?
Our online payment system with Realex - the real time payment exchance. It is trusted and secure e-commerce site.

Please contact us if you have questions or queries in relation to MyStuff Stick on Labels or Iron on Labels or in regards to ordering our labels.

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