Mega Value Pack Standard – Multi-colour

Price:  35.95



48 Standard Multi Colour Stick on Labels, 48 Iron on Labels, 100 Stick on Pencil Labels & 20 Standard Shoe Windows

Standard Stick on Labels : Trendy or Pretty Colours – 20mm X 50mm
Suitable for lunch boxes and bottles, baby bottles, sports equipment and just about anything except clothing. These stick on labels are dishwasher, steriliser, microwave & UV proof.

Iron-on labels – 12mm X 46mm
Iron-On Labels are perfect for Uniforms & Clothing, coats, jumpers, shirts, Library & Sports bags, Towels, Sheet Bags & Linen.

Pencil Labels : Trendy or Pretty Colour – 6mm X 60mm
The bright colour pencil labels are perfect for young children as they stand out well and make them easy for the child to recognise. All our pencil labels are great for neatly labelling your markers for school and any other small items like sunglasses CD’s, rulers etc.

Shoe Windows
Convert your Compact Labels to shoe labels by applying our clear over-label which protects the stick-on label from wear and tear and helps it adhere to the inner sole of the shoe.